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5/8/2014 Durcon Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces in Brookhaven Lab, Winner of U.S. Energy Secretary’s Achievement Award
The Interdisciplinary Science Building for energy research at Brookhaven National Laboratory received the Department of Energy (DOE) Secretary’s Achievement award for energy research due to its outstanding project management and comprehensive planning. These factors led to a successful delivery of a modern research facility that will advance breakthroughs in energy research and development.

Heat & Flame Resistance Testing

Test A

Porcelain Crucible. A porcelain crucible was heated to a dull red color, placed on the test material and allowed to cool to ambient temperature.


No blisters, no cracks nor any surface deformations were observed on the worksurface.

Test B

Bunsen Burner. A 3/8" Bunsen burner was adjusted to a quiet flame with a 1-1/2" inner blue cone and then overturned on the test material, exposing material to the flame for 5 minutes.


No blisters nor cracks were detected on the exposed worksurface.

Note: Tests performed by independent labs. For test samples or further information please contact your Durcon representative.

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