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 Durcon Specialty Products

Durcon - Specialty ProductsAdd Safety and Functionality Throughout Your Lab

Durcon offers many epoxy resin Specialty Products to provide additional safety and functionality throughout the lab. Because many of these products are molded of the same durable Durcon Epoxy Resin material as our worksurfaces, you can be assured of each item's superior chemical, heat, flame and liquid resistance.


Epoxy resin Pegboards can be installed on walls, uprights and columns to provide a vertical drainage/drying space for lab glassware. Durcon pegboards support glassware with specially designed “no twist” polypropylene pegs set at a 30° angle for maximum support.


Cupsinks are supplied in polypropylene unless epoxy resin is specified. These small sink units are designed for quick disposal of liquid waste in fume hoods or on the bench top. Most cupsinks are designed to accommodate a removable plastic disc strainer in the integral outlet. For color availability, please contact one of our customer service representatives.

Specialty Sinks

Specialty Sinks are sink basins designed for specific lab requirements or for specialized shapes of laboratory tops. Durcon offers trifacia, round, and elliptical shapes as well as sinks with integral backsplashes for end-run, wall and utility applications.


Troughs provide convenient liquids disposal for multiple users. Three styles are available including DropIn®, Undermount and Sectional Undermount units.

Specialty Products Pegboards and Drip TraysCupsinksTrifacia Dropin SinksEnd and Wall SinksRound and Eliptical SinksDropin TroughsOne Piece Undermount TroughsSectional Undermount Troughs
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