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Included in the Solicor-CR initial color offering is the popular Durcon Graphite, created specifically to match the rest of Durcon’s Epoxy and SPC product lines. This opens up a new world of laboratory design with color-match surfaces in multiple materials.

Solicor-CR is a color-through, lab-grade worksurface that is perfectly suited for both vertical and horizontal applications in environments where chemical resistance, durability and aesthetics are top priorities. K-12 and university laboratories, government, research & development facilities, medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, hospitality and retail facilities will all benefit from this material.

Solicor-CR was developed to give designers and builders what they have long asked for – a lightweight, easy-to-fabricate, chemical resistant worksurface that is the same color the entire way through. That’s right – no more black core! Solicor-CR opens up a new world of possibilities for lab design by providing a modern alternative for almost every surface in a workspace.

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