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Supporting decorative surface material. SPC is composed of a combination of decorative sheets, multiple layers of kraft paper saturated with phenolic resin and a special fire-resistant barrier sheet that are fused together using heat and over 1,000 psi of pressure. The curing process transforms the resin into plastic through a cross-linking process that converts the layers into a solid structure. Thermosetting creates strong, irreversible bonds that contribute to SPC's durability. In addition, the fire barrier greatly reduces flame and smoke danger in emergency situations - especially in areas with limited escape routes such as elevators.

Fire Rated SPC is available with special performance properties, including:

  • Fire Resistance
  • Color Consistency
  • Thickness Consistency
  • Rigidity

SPC Fire Rated grade is available in 4’ x 8’, 4’ x 10’, 5' x 8', 5' x 10' and 5' x 12' sheet sizes, as well as 0.25", 0.375", 0.5", 0.75" and 1.0" thicknesses.

SPC by Durcon is manufactured in the USA, UL Environment Certified (Greenguard Gold) and qualifies for LEED 2009 credits for Commercial Interiors in sections MR 4.5, 5, 6 and 7.v

Health Product Declaration for Solid Phenolic Compact (SPC)

Environmental Product Declaration for Solid Phenolic Compact (SPC)