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Product Literature

Product Literature is a resource database containing product-related documentation, testing data, brochures, catalogs, flyers, specification sheets, certifications, and other relevant information. The documents are categorized by material and all are the most recent up-to-date versions of each.


Epoxy Literature

Epoxy Product Catalog

Greenstone Flyer
Epoxy Signature Core Colors
Epoxy Signature Core Colors

Epoxy Select Colors

Epoxy Installation Manual

Epoxy Care & Maintenance Flyer

Sinks List (Imperial Dimensions)

Sinks List (Metric Dimensions)

Greenguard Gold Certificate - Epoxy

LEED Certificate - Epoxy

LEED Certificate - Greenstone

Epoxy Spec Sheet

Epoxy Product Presentation

Epoxy Standards & Tolerances



Solicor Literature

Solicor-CR Product Info
Solicor Flyer
Solicor-CR Graphite & Gray Flyer
Solicor Test Data
Solicor-CR Test Data Booklet
Solicor Spec Sheet
Solicor-CR Spec Sheet

Solicor-CR Product Presentation

Solicor Standard Grade Brochure [Wilsonart]

Comparison Data - Solicor-CR & Epoxy

Comparison Data - Solicor-CR, SPC-CR & Epoxy (Chemical)

Solicor-CR Safety Data Sheet (SDS)



Solid Phenolic Compact (SPC) Literature

SPC Flyer
SPC Product Flyer
SPC Care Maintenance
SPC Care and Maintenance
SPC Spec Sheet
SPC-CR Spec Sheet

SPC Product Presentation
SPC Announcement
SPC-CR Graphite & Gray Announcement
SPC Intro
SPC-CR Introducing Graphite & Gray

Comparison Data - SPC-CR & Epoxy

Comparison Data - SPC-CR, Solicor-CR & Epoxy (Chemical)

LEED Certificate - SPC

SCS Indoor Advantage Gold Certificate - SPC

Health Product Declaration - SPC

Environmental Product Declaration - SPC



Durcon Fab Literature

Durcon Fab Flyer
Durcon Fab Intro Flyer

Durcon Fab Bid Letter
Why Durcon Fab PPT
Why Durcon Fab Presentation
Why Solid Surface
Solid Surface Fab Presentation