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Durcon Epoxy Resin Products

Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces

Durcon Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces are molded monolithic epoxy resin products. Our unique molding process includes a special curing stage that ensures a complete chemical reaction throughout the material resulting in a uniform worksurface of the highest quality. Durcon Epoxy Resin Worksurfaces are chemical resistant and non-flammable, perfect for harsh laboratory, classroom and research environments.

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Epoxy Resin Sinks

Durcon Epoxy Resin Sinks are typically the second most impacted lab spaces. They provide chemical and heat resistance from the worksurface all the way to the drain opening. There are many sizes, depths and even shapes available to maximize space and meet specific functionality requirements. There are two installation styles, DropIn and Undermound. DropIn styles are typically more cost effective.

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Accessories and Specialty Products

Our specialty products add safety and functionality throughout your lab. Durcon Specialty Products include epoxy resin pegboards, cupsinks, specialty sinks and troughs.

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