Durcon Supports New Scott & White Children’s Program

Scott & White Hospital
Taylor and Durcon officials announce "Durcon Dolls for Children" served in the hospital’s emergency room.

Durcon takes pride in contributing to the community of Taylor, TX. Durcon Incorporated recently donated substantial funds to initiate "Durcon Dolls for Children", a new and ongoing program for the local Scott & White Hospital. Durcon employees will be dedicating time to prepare the doll kits that will be given to children who are patients in the Emergency Department.

The following excerpt is copied from the Taylor Daily Press:

“We are grateful to the Durcon Charity Committee who approved the program, which we developed specifically for Durcon,� Kevin Smith, Scott & White Hospital Taylor CEO, said in the official announcement Friday.

“The program is called Durcon Dolls for Children,� he said. “Durcon will provide funds for hand-sewn dolls to be given to children who are patients in the Emergency Department.�

He explained that the doll may have meaningful therapeutic value.

“Besides being a comforting object to hold, a nurse or physician may ask the child to point to an area on the doll where it hurts or feels bad,� he said.

An Emergency Department staff member will give each child who is a patient at Durcon Doll kit which includes the doll, washable markers and an instructional flyer, all inside a zip lock bag, which keeps the markers and doll together and clean.

The markers are for coloring the face, hair and other characteristics on the doll.

Smith said the first doll was sewn by Ella Jez, a member of the Scott & White Board of Visitors. She and other volunteers from the Taylor Association of Businesswomen will sew the dolls and Durcon employees will assemble the Durcon Doll kits.

Cordell Bennigson, President and CEO of Durcon, said that in addition to being a significant employer, the company is committed to being a positive influence and contributor to the community.

“As the father of three young children, I have spent my share of time in emergency rooms, so this program is near and dear to me,� Bennigson said.

“By approaching us with your desire to give to the community through Scott & White, you have not only gifted us with your time and finances, but with your trust and support of our healthcare system,� Smith said. “We are exceptionally grateful for this show of community support and for the generosity that we hope will bring comfort and smiles to our youngest patients.�

Published at: 09-16-2013