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  • Durcon to Display in Stand 910 at ArabLab 2013

    Mar 21 2012

    Durcon International® will be showcasing their epoxy resin worksurfaces and sinks at ArabLab 2013, the Middle-East’s largest analytical equipment show.

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  • Durcon/Fidelis Partner to Transition Returning Soldiers

    Mar 16 2012

    “Military personnel have the exact kind of attention to detail, creativity and professionalism necessary for world-class operations like we have at Durcon,� said Cordell Bennigson, Durcon’s President and CEO, who is a former Marine Corps pilot. Mr. Bennigson also stated, “We see the opportunity to attract and employ former military personnel as the classic ‘win-win’ situation. Durcon benefits from having their skills and experience on our team while at the same time we are able to provide training and job opportunities for our nation’s servicemen and women who are ready to transition to the next phase of their careers.�

    About Durcon

    Durcon Incorporated is known for their high-quality chemical resistant laboratory worksurfaces and is recognized in the industry for their commitment to innovative products and services. The company recently expanded into the residential and commercial countertop market with the launch of their new environmentally-friendly product, Elements, which combines durability and eco-friendliness with a consumer-friendly color palette. 

    About Fidelis
    Fidelis is a technology company based in Silicon Valley that has partnered with the University of California System, a number of other top colleges, Veterans Service Organizations, and leading companies to build a scalable solution to the military to civilian career transition.  Fidelis was recently named to Fast Companies 10 most innovative companies in education.

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  • Durcon® Introduces The D30D Double-Bowl DropIn® Sink

    Mar 12 2012

    Taylor, TX. - The world’s leader in epoxy resin worksurfaces, Durcon Incorporated®, is introducing a new double-bowl DropIn® sink. The new D30D DropIn® Sink is molded from epoxy resin to provide maximum performance and convenience and installs in a single sink cutout.

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