SEFA 3 Test Results

Method A

For volatile chemicals. A cotton ball saturated with the test chemical was placed in a one ounce bottle (10mm x 75mm test tube or similar container). The container was inverted on the test material surface for a period of 24 hours. Temperature of test: 23° +/-2° C (73° +/-4° F). This method was used for the organic solvents.

Method B

For non-volatile chemicals. Five drops (1/4cc) of the test chemical were placed on the test material surface. The chemical was covered with a watch glass (25mm) for a period of 24 hours. Temperature of test: 23° +/-2° C (73° +/-4° F). This method was used for all chemicals listed below other than the solvents.


After 24-hour exposure, exposed areas were washed with water, then a detergent solution and finally with isopropyl alcohol. Materials were then rinsed with distilled water and dried with a cloth. Samples are numerically rated as follows: 

  • No Effect - No detectable change in the material surface.
  • Good - Slight detectable change in color or gloss but no change in function or life of the surface.
  • Fair - Slight surface etching or severer staining. Clearly discernible change in color or gloss but no significant impairment of surface life or function.
  • Poor - Pitting, cratering or erosion of the surface. Obvious and significant deterioration. Objectionable change in appearance due to dis-coloration.  
Chemical Resistant SPC by Durcon* Method Black EB101
Amyl Acetone  A 0
Ethyl Acetate  A 0
Acetic Acid 98%  B 0
Acetone  A 0
Acid Dichromate 5%  B 1
Butyl Alcohol  A 0
Ethyl Alcohol  A 0
Methyl Alcohol  A 0
Ammonium Hydroxide, 28%  B 1
Benzene  A 0
Carbon Tetrachloride  A 0
Chloroform  A 0
Chromic Acid 60%  B 1
Cresol  A 1
Dichloro Acetic Acid  A 1
Dimethylformamide  A 0
Dioxane  A 0
Ethyl Ether  A 0
Formaldehyde 37%  A 0
Formic Acid 90%  B 1
Furfural  A 0
Gasoline  A 0
Hydrochloric Acid 37%  B 0
Hydrofluoric Acid 48%  B 1
Hydrogen Peroxide 28%  B 0
Tincture of Iodine  B 1
Methyl Ethyl Ketone  A 1
Methylene Chloride  A 0
Mono Chlorobenzene  A 1
Napthalene  A 0
Nitric Acid 20%  B 0
Nitric Acid 30%  B 0
Nitric Acid 70%  B 0
Phenol 90%  A 1
Phosphoric Acid 85%  B 0
Silver Nitrate, Saturated  B 0
Sodium Hydroxide 10%  B 0
Sodium Hydroxide 20%  B 0
Sodium Hydroxide 40%  B 0
Sodium Hydroxide Flake  B 0
Sodium Sulfide, Saturated  B 0
Sulfuric Acid 25%  B 0
Sulfuric Acid 85%  B 0
Sulfuric Acid 96%  B 0
Sulfuric Acid 85%, and Nitric Acid 70%, equal parts  B 0
Toluene  A 0
Trichlorethylene  A 0
Xylene  A 0
Zinc Chloride, Saturated  B 0