Customer Advantages

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Durcon is the preferred supplier of so many project managers because we understand that jobs installed as scheduled can greatly increase your bottom line. We value our customers and are committed to meeting or exceeding expectations during each phase of the purchasing experience.

Customer Service Team

The Durcon Customer Service team is dedicated to providing exceptional communication and guidance to each and every Durcon client. Durcon's customer service is what puts us even further ahead of the competition. From estimating to shipping, this dedicated team takes pride in being the most responsive in the industry every step of the way, leading the way to fast and accurate turnarounds for our customers. They are yet another of many advantages that enable Durcon to meet and exceed customer specifications consistently and precisely.

Get in touch with a Customer Service team member at or 512.595.8000.

eProject Manager

In addition to the team, another customer support advantage offered by Durcon is the real-time project management tool eProject Manager. Click here to learn how to create a new eProject Manager customer account, or if you already have an account click here to log in and begin.

eProject Manager is the complete customer information center, updated in real-time with order statuses, descriptions, part and piece counts, shipping details and much more. eProject Manager allows customers to: 

eProject Manager also contains a wealth of documentation, items such as - specifications sheets, manuals, guides, product info, testing results and data, and more.

Quality Assurance

The consistent quality of Durcon products is the result of well-engineered designs, superior service and top-notch manufacturing. In addition, each phase of the production process is closely monitored to ensure precision. We account for each piece’s fit and finish before packing.