Durcon® Introduces The D30D Double-Bowl DropIn® Sink

Taylor, TX. - The world’s leader in epoxy resin worksurfaces, Durcon Incorporated®, is introducing a new double-bowl DropIn® sink. The new D30D DropIn® Sink is molded from epoxy resin to provide maximum performance and convenience and installs in a single sink cutout.

The D30D features two integral 18�L x 15�W x 10.75� Deep D30 size sink basins with corner drains and it is the first laboratory grade double DropIn® sink unit available. Some of the advantages of the double-bowl configuration include:  

  • Install different outlet styles in the basins (such as a straight tailpiece on one side and a trap or grinder on the other side).
  • Use one basin for washing and one basin for rinsing/draining/drying.
  • Keep one basin clean for prep work and the other basin for dirty glassware.
  • Outfit one basin with an overflow for dilution and keep the other basin free for other uses.
  • Accommodates two users.
  • And many more advantages!

The D30D is available in all Durcon colors and in both our traditional and our environment friendly Greenstone™ epoxy resin formula. The outer rim dimensions are 39� x 16.6� (an additional .25� must be added to this to account for the cutout bevel). Center line is determined by the center of the cutout.   

As with all Durcon Incorporated® products, DropIn® sinks are highly resistant to heat, flame and chemicals. They also meet NSF® Certification for bacteria resistance and Greenguard® and Greenguard for Children & Schools® Certification for extremely low VOC levels.

If you have further questions regarding this new product or about any of our lines of laboratory grade worksurfaces, sinks and accessories, please contact your customer service representative at 512-595-8000 or e-mail: sales@durcon.com.

Published at: 03-12-2012